spaces and flows

Experience Design

Critical Design / Interactive Installation

Experiences are powerful tools to convey complex ideas. It is through our experiences as users/participants that we can learn and reflect in a more active way.

Create an experience that challenges the misperceptions of Indigenous Peoples identities of Mexico as remote objects in time and space, and as unapproachable objects of contemplation. This project uses tangible and digital tools to create a physical and digital connection between the participant and a self-portrait identity of an Indigenous individual.

The installation displays by default an object resembling a museum artefact, a projected image and an audio with the definition of "Indigenous Peoples of Mexico" found in Wikipedia. Once a participant interacts with the artefact, the projection and audio is replaced by a story of a living Indigenous individual and a video showcasing the personal landscapes that the narrator sees every day This new projection and audio aim to bring the participant out of the museum experience replacing the remote and unapproachable idea with a common time and space, and a self-defined description of an identity.

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