Automated Teller Machine

UX Design

Lead designer

To empower customers to complete their day-to-day banking by modernizing the experience in the automated teller machines

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The bank was introducing a new self-service system including new banking machines in 9 countries in the Caribbean region. This was an opportunity to improve the user experience, simplify flows and, to enhance the graphical user interface application for our customers. After several design iterations, we redesigned the existing flows and introduced two new features, paperless bill payments and envelope-free deposits.

A technical challenge was that the designed solution had to work in the new intelligent deposit machines and the old ABMs.

An interesting opportunity was the collaboration with product owners and developers located in geographies such as Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Canada, USA, Czech Republic and India.

If you want to know more about the challenges and opportunities we faced designing this experience, please contact me by email, SMS, or Linkedin.

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