Chat experience

Product Design

Lead designer

To provide customers with the support they need anywhere anytime.

A chat support was one of the most demanded features from digital customers. Given that it was very important not only for our customers but also to our business lines, the company decided to build the user experience completely in-house.

I had the task to lead the design and to bring this tool to production. In collaboration with the AI team and the Contact Centre team, as a lead designer, I designed the experience from the chatbot conversation flows through to the interface and connection with agents.

With the UX research team, we conducted interviews, usability testing sessions and surveys to focus on relevant topics for our customers. Together with content designers and accessibility experts, we created inclusive effective experiences where we focus on creating a tool to provide support to every customer.

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If you want to know more about the challenges and opportunities we faced designing this experience, please contact me by email or LinkedIn.

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